4th Annual CDRL Curatorial Slam! 4/6/2018 4-7pm

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4th Annual CDRL Curatorial Slam! 4/6/2018 4-7pm

Parsons Curatorial Design Research Lab Presents: The 4th Annual CURATORIAL SLAM! April 6, 2018, 4-7pm Dorothy Hirshon Suite (room I-205)/…

“Working Model of the World” Curatorial Walk-Through

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“Working Model of the World” Curatorial Walk-Through

The Curatorial Design Research Lab is pleased to co-host a curatorial walk-through of the upcoming exhibition, “A Working Model of…

CDRL Announces 3rd Annual Curatorial Slam!

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What is Curatorial Work Today?

Friday, April 21, 2017


The Orozco Room (A712) / 66 W. 12 Street

Parsons’ Curatorial Design Research Lab (CDRL) is a community of practice comprised of faculty, staff and students from across The New School whose research expands the field of contemporary curatorial practice to include activities that lie both within and beyond the white cube. CDRL is proud to host its Third Annual CURATORIAL SLAM! ­­ a lively array of fast paced ideas and images mixed with drinks and delectables. This public event offers a sampling of diverse curatorial models recently developed by New School community members, from site­specific platforms to participatory exchanges to research projects exploring local ecologies, gentrification, and contentious political histories.

8 minute Pecha Kucha­style presentations will be followed by a “happy hour” reception and informal discussion. Please join us!

For more information about the CDRL, visit:  http://cdrlab.parsons.edu/



Julia Foulkes (Faculty, History, NSPE)

 “My City: Jerome Robbins and New York”

Jerome Robbins would have been 100 in 2018. How does an exhibition pay tribute, not fall into replicating ideas of white male lone geniuses, and inspire others to re-make the city around them?

Aleksandra Wagner (Faculty, Sociology, NSPE) 

“Disorderly Conduct: A Birthing of an Archive”

Can a widow hope to make an orderly archive that intersects with her own disorderly life? A fast run through the making of Lebbeus Woods Archive, Estate of Lebbeus Woods (Architect, American, 1940 – 2012).

Macushla Robinson (MA student, NSSR)                                         “Memory Is A Tough Place”

This exhibition slotted for Parsons’ Kellen gallery during summer 2017 draws primarily from photographs within The New School Art Collection to look at social justice, and will set up a dialogue between these historical images and more contemporary work by select Parsons alumni.

Sebastian Grant (MA student, History of Design & Curatorial Studies, Parsons)

“Wearable Art: An Exhibition of the Susan Grant Lewin Collection at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum”

Featuring works from master jewelers Otto Künzli, Ted Noten, Bruce Metcalf, and more, this presentation will explore the upcoming exhibition of Susan Grant Lewin’s gracious donation to the Cooper Hewitt, and will discuss questions of art jewelry’s place in contemporary art and design.


Christiane Paul  (Faculty, Media Studies, NSPE)

“What Lies Beneath” 

Christiane will discuss her exhibition at Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul, in relation to curating within shifting cultural contexts and preview her work on the outdoor park 38 30 Art Valley.

Amanda Parmer (Curatorial Assistant, The Vera List Center, NSPE)

“Maria Thereza Alves: 2016–18 Vera List Center Prize for Art and Politics Winner”

How are VLC’s curators working with Alvez to realize Seeds of Change: New York: Botany and Colonization, a project mapping artifacts and entities that trace the proliferation of foreign seeds traveling to the New York region via trade ship ballast over the past two centuries? The exhibition will include a verdant collection of propagated ballast flora that will fill Parsons’ Aronson Gallery.


Malgorzata Bakalarz (PhD Student, Sociology, NSSR)

“Exploring Wounded Places”

This project, which included an exhibition, an international multidisciplinary symposium, and a graduate course for students from Parsons, NSSR and School of Form taught in Warsaw, Poland, stemmed from Malgorzata’s interest in exploring the topic of “wounded places” and her urge to facilitate/provoke a multi-vocal response to the timely matters of today’s world.

Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani (Faculty, Urban Studies, NSPE) 

“In the Same Room without Screaming”

Gabrielle presents her long-term collaboration with housing activists and New School students to create exhibitions as spaces for dialogue in a highly contested area of the Lower East Side, the subject of her forthcoming book.

Rit Premnath/ Shifter (Faculty, Fine Arts, Parsons) 

“An Engagement in Learning through Unlearning: A Call to Gather”

This series of gatherings invites participants to take a closer look at the worlds we share through encounters in unusual spaces, such as the makeshift prayer room in the basement of the University Center, aiming to unlearn our assumptions and prejudices about each other in a time when the urgency for new solidarities has never been greater.

View videos from last year’s Slam here

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CDRL Announces 2nd Annual Curatorial Slam!: What is Curatorial Work Today?

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What is Curatorial Work Today?

Friday, April 22, 2016
The Orozco Room (A712) / 66 W. 12 Street

Parsons’ Curatorial Design Research Lab (CDRL) is a community of practice comprised of faculty, staff and students from across The New School whose research expands the field of contemporary curatorial practice to include activities that lie both within and beyond the white cube. CDRL is proud to host its Second Annual CURATORIAL SLAM! ­­ a lively array of fast­paced ideas and images mixed with drinks and delectables. This public event offers a sampling of diverse curatorial models recently developed by New School community members, from international site­specific platforms to participatory online exchanges to research projects. Topics include explorations of local ecologies, gentrification, incarceration, global political histories and reticent artistic practices. Pecha Kucha­style presentations will be followed by a “happy hour” reception and informal discussion.

Part 1: Pedagogically-inspired Curating

Laura Belik (MA Design Studies, ADHT, Parsons)
Quizayra Gonzalez (MA Design Studies, ADHT, Parsons)
Veija Kusama-Morris (BA Film/Global Studies, Eugene Lang College)
Futurographies:  An Ethnographic Curatorial Experience”
Resulting from interdisciplinary workshops led by three faculty members, a cross-divisional team of graduate and undergraduate students co-produced Futurographies, an exhibition merging ethnographic and curatorial methodologies to explore the complex relationships amongst the United States, France, and Cambodia.

Laura Sanchez  (MA Design Studies, ADHT, Parsons)
Elizabeth Caroscio (MA History of Design + Curatorial Studies, ADHT, Parsons)
Rachel Hunnicutt – (MA History of Design + Curatorial Studies, ADHT, Parsons)
“How Do You See Rikers? Curating A Plurality of Perspectives”
Students from The New School branch of the Humanities Action Lab explain how working with classmates, the HAL network, and The Fortune Society led to a collaborative curatorial approach to addressing mass incarceration at Rikers Island in NYC.

Rowan Katz (BA Culture and Media, Eugene Lang College)
“Internet Radical Media SPACE
Inspired by the anonymous Syrian film collective Abounaddara, Space is a scalable, Internet-based project intended to problematize our engagement with global media—especially that of the Middle East–by asking participants to create their own representations of graphic and iconic imagery.

Part 2: Generating Place-based Dialogues

Lydia Matthews (Professor of Visual Culture, AMT, Parsons)
“Rubble Riches Treasure Trash”
Focusing on an ecologically-oriented curatorial project in post-Soviet Georgia, Lydia will describe a series of DIY workshops for local students, artists and designers culminating in an exhibition to provoke dialogue about the problems and possibilities of material re-use in a country keen to embrace consumer culture.

Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani (Principal, Buscada; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Urban Studies, SPE)
Intersection | Prospect Heights : Making Space for Dialogue”
How do we talk about, argue about, and even laugh and cry about gentrification? Gabrielle will discuss her most recent public art project in Brooklyn, in which curatorial practices happen in the supermarket and photographs and oral histories of a diner spur much-needed conversation on this radically changing city. 

Christiane Paul (Associate Professor / Associate Dean, School of Media Studies, SPE)
“What Lies Beneath”
Christiane will discuss her recent exhibition at Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul, in relation to curating within shifting cultural contexts and preview her work on the outdoor park 38 30 Art Valley.

Part 3:  Artists’ Projects as Curatorial Acts

Fernando do Campo (MFA Fine Arts, AMT, Parsons)
“Yet To Live In A Place Without House Sparrows”
Fernando will discuss the research that triggered the formation of, and current projects within, the “House Sparrow Society for Humans,” inviting a conversation on the role curatorial methodologies can play within–rather than around–studio art practices.

Melanie Crean (Asst. Professor of Communication Design and Technology, AMT, Parsons)
Ellipses: A Project for Waterbury, Connecticut”
Crean’s Ellipses is an interdisciplinary project considering the idea of remediation as applied to site, body, and the political history of post-industrial mill towns in Connecticut.

Margot Bouman (Program Director Visual Studies, Eugene Lang College, Assistant Professor of Visual Culture, ADHT, Parsons)
“Christopher Williams and an Ethics of Anti-Spectacle
Artist Christopher Williams makes attribution into an artistic practice, evidenced in his forty-year career exhibition The Production Line of Happiness. Margot considers how he uses the Debordian concepts of “derive” and “détournement” to produce an ethics of anti-spectacle.

Macushla Robinson (MA in Liberal Studies, NSSR)
“Grief for the Object”
Macushla will offer a meditation on the philosophical implications of performance artist Tino Sehgal’s resistance to documentation, and how that impacts the work of a contemporary art curator.


The Parsons Dean’s Office for their ongoing support of our Research Lab; The New School Provost’s Office for awarding us a 2015-16 Mutual Mentoring Grant; CDRL Graduate Student Fellows, Gabriela Carnabuci,  Jonathan Beilin, Sinead Petrasek, Agnes Szanyi, and Fernando do Campo for their inspiring critical insights and research; Leonie Cicirello for her brochure design; Caitlin Hickey from Parsons School of Art, Media + Technology for her administrative support; Joseph Pastor for videotaping this event; and the staff at Grey Dog Catering.

For further information about the Curatorial Design Research Lab activities, see: cdrlab.parsons.edu

View videos from last year’s slam here
View information from last year’s slam here

Pablo Helguera to present Provost’s Mutual Mentoring Grant Workshop for CDRL

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Pablo Helguera

Artist/educator Pablo Helguera will be leading a workshop with CDRL members on May 5th to help us think about potential strategies for engaging The New School’s Site-Specific Art Commissions, the subject of the Lab’s current book and website project. Helguera holds the position of Director of Adult and Academic Programs at MoMA, but also has vast curatorial experience through his art practice. Working with installation, sculpture, photography, drawing, socially engaged art and performance, Helguera focuses on a variety of topics ranging from history, pedagogy, sociolinguistics, ethnography, memory and the absurd. He has performed and exhibited at Museo de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid; ICA Boston; RCA London; 8th Havana Biennal; Shedhalle, Zurich; Brooklyn Museum; IFA Galerie, Bonn; Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo; MALBA museum in Buenos Aires; Ex-Teresa Espacio Alternativo in Mexico City; and MoMA P.S.1, The Bronx Museum, Artist Space, and Sculpture Center in NYC.   


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CDRL is pleased to announce the editors of the Lab’s major print and digital publication project which will reveal the multiple narratives lodged within the twelve extraordinary site-specific commissions of The New School’s art collection. We’re pleased to welcome Frances Richard to the Lab, who will be editing the book component of the project, and John Reed, editor of the mobile website that will serve as a generative space for further writings and pedagogical opportunities.

Frances Richard is a poet, editor, and critic. She is the author of three books of poems—Anarch (Futurepoem, 2012), The Phonemes (Les Figues Press, 2012) and See Through (Four Way Books, 2003)—and co-author, with Jeffrey Kastner and Sina Najafi, of Odd Lots: Revisiting Gordon Matta-Clark’s “Fake Estates”(Cabinet Books, 2005). Her writing on visual art has appeared in Artforum, BOMB, The Nation, and exhibition catalogues from the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Guggenheim Museum, and Independent Curators International, among others. She has been a visiting scholar at the Canadian Centre for Architecture, and is the recipient of a Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant; currently she is editing a volume of essays titledJoan Jonas Is On Our Mind (Wattis Institute). She teaches at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

John Reed is the author of Snowball’s Chance, All The World’s a Grave, and other works; Free Boat: Collected Lies and Love Poems is forthcoming from C&R Press (2016). His writing has been published in Artforum, Bomb Magazine, Art in America, the PEN Poetry Series, the Los Angeles Times, Gawker, Slate, the Paris Review, Playboy, Out Magazine, the Times Literary Supplement, the Wall Street Journal, Vice, The New York Times, Harpers; anthologized in Best American Essays (Houghton Mifflin, 2015), Devouring the Green (Jaded Ibis, 2015), StoryScape Anthology V2 (2015), American Wasteland (CLMP, 2011), The Brooklyn Rail Fiction Anthology (Hanging Loose, 2006), Vitamin PH (Phaidon, 2006), 100 Greatest Albums (VH1, 2003). At The New School, he teaches a “Writing and Publishing Lab” for the MFA in creative writing, as well as an open undergrad course, “The New School, The Pilot.” More at JohnReed.org/about

Parsons Students Help Launch CDRL’s Publication Project


Spotlight on Glenn Ligon’s “For Comrades and Lovers”

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Glenn Ligon and Carl Hancock Rux

On November 11, 2015, Parsons Fine Arts Program and The New School Art Collection co-sponsored a public event to reflect on the layers of meaning within “Comrades and Lovers”, Glenn Ligon’s site-specific, Walt Whitman-inspired neon installation at The New School. Ligon discussed his exploration of American history, literature, race and society across a body of work that builds critically on the legacies of modern painting and more recent conceptual art. The event began with a film directed by New School alum, Daniela Merino, (MA, Media Studies, 2010, NSPE) that revealed the behind-the-scenes process involved in making the commissioned work. Award-winning poet, playwright and novelist Carl Hancock Rux responded to the piece by performing a poem, as well as engaging in a a conversation with Ligon.

Parsons Students Help Launch CDRL’s Publication Project

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3During Summer 2015, a team of graduate students from across The New School (i.e., CDRL members Fernando do Campo, Sinead Petrasek and Agnes Szanyi) worked closely with curators Silvia Rocciolo and Eric Stark to mine The New School archives related to the twelve site-specific works of art in The New School’s art collection. Their research culminated in rich “information packets” that will help inform the design as well as the multidisciplinary writing that will comprise CDRL’s future print publication and its mobile website.

In Fall 2015, these valuable “packets” were first used by students in Communication Design Professor Lucille Tenazas’s Art, Media and Technology’s “Design Collab” course to inform their production of promotional materials for the Lab. The students designed a brochure/poster that mapped a timeline of the twelve art commissions, as well as a sample chapter focused on Glenn Ligon’s recent “For Comrades and Lovers” neon installation housed in the new University Center Event Cafe.

We are very grateful to Joshua Sapan and Ann Foley for their meaningful contribution and support of the CDRL/The New School Art Collection book publication project.  Their generous donation will significantly help us further our goal.  

Our thanks to Mark Gibbel, Chief Development Officer and The New School Development and Alumni Relations team, Provost Tim Marshall and Vice-Provost, Pat Baxter for their continued advocacy and  support.

View the publications here:
12 Site-Specific Art Commisions Brochure
Glenn Ligon Chapter

Cdrl Hires Editors for Print and Website Project


Provost’s Office & Parsons Awards CDRL Mutual Mentoring and Cross-School Grants

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CDRL has received two generous grants to help support the Lab’s research activities. The Provost’s Office Mutual Mentoring Grant monies will allow CDRL members to benefit from the insights of both university and external mentors as we develop our print and digital publication project, while the Parsons Deans Council Cross-School Grant will support our Graduate Student CDRL Fellowship, the establishment of our annual Curatorial Slam! event in Spring 2016, as well additional public programs related to our CDRL publication research efforts. 

CDRL Presents: CURATORIAL SLAM! What can curatorial work be today?

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CDRL is proud to host its inaugural C​URATORIAL SLAM!,​­­ a lively array of fast ­paced ideas and images mixed with drinks and delectables. This public event will offer a sampling of diverse curatorial models recently developed by New School community members, from provocative online exchanges to local site-­specific commissions to international street festivals. 8 minute Pecha Kucha-­style presentations will be followed by a “happy hour” reception and informal discussion. The presenters featured include: Jamer Hunt (Associate Professor of Transdisciplinary Design, Parsons) “On Design and Violence”; Carin KuonI (Director of The Vera List Center for Art and Politics, NSPE) on “Arte, justamente”; Nitin Sawhaney (Assistant Professor of Media Studies, NSPE) on “Guatemala Después: Rethinking Curatorial Practices in Contested Spaces”; I am New School (Eugene Lang Students) “Using Social Media To Highlight Microaggressions: #IAMNS”; Miles Kohrman (Alumnus of Literary Studies at Eugene Lang) on “Voices of Crisis: From Archive to Exhibition”; Silvia Rocciolo (Curator of The New School Art Collection) on “On Site: The Alfredo Jaar, Glenn Ligon and Rita McBride New School University Center Commissions”; Gina Walker (Associate Professor of Women’s Studies, NSPE) on “Female Biography to Project Continua”; Lydia Matthews (Professor of Visual Culture, Parsons) on “Batumi Backyard Stories: Seeing in the Shadows”; Liz Sevencko (Co-Director Humanities Action Lab, NSPE) on “A Thousand and One Curators: Building Global Dialogue through Collaborative Exhibit making at the Humanities Action Lab”; and Jennifer Wilson (Associate Professor of Mathematics, Eugene Lang) on “Problems of (Mathematical) Curating.”